Terms and Conditions



Payments are due upon completion of stated work and in accordance with each individual Estimate accepted by homeowner. Payments can be made via Check, Cash, Money Order, Visa or MasterCard. Cullen Electric may set up Net Accounts with Businesses only following a successful D&B and other Credit Inquiries. Cullen Electric will not proceed to the next stated area in an Estimate, nor will schedule any Inspections or Meter Releases unless payment is made in full for that phase of project. Failure to make payments when required could result in Collection Actions up to, and including Property Liens, Judgments, Garnishments, et. al. Attorney fees and Court Costs will be payable by the Party in Default.


Cullen Electric is insured for $3,000,000 Occurrence /$4,000,000 Aggregate by:
Nationwide Property and Casualty Co Policy # ACP GLKO 3006 847184
Our Policy is managed by:
Karl Woods Agency • West Chester, Ohio • (513) 779 4545
Nationwide does not require the adding of residential Clients as “Additional Insured” to its Policy to extend coverage.


All installations performed by Cullen Electric are warranted against defects in workmanship for a period of Ten Years after the date of Installation. Digging, trenching, excavating, or earth quakes in, on, above or around underground Installations will null and void any Warranty coverage on buried systems. All installations will be done to the minimum standards of the applicable NEC (National Electrical Code) required by the Authority Having Jurisdiction over the installation. Cullen Electric will Install ONLY NEW, U/L Listed materials, designed for their purpose and applicable function.
Manufacturer's Warranties cover materials installed by Cullen Electric and may carry coverage that is not consistent with this Warranty. Cullen Electric warrants NO device or appliance plugged into a circuit installed by Cullen Electric. Cullen Electric cannot warrant against a condition caused by an Act of God,intentional damage, misuse, acts or omissions by outside entities, floods, events of terrorism, or by parties working on installations that are not employed by Cullen Electric. Any alterations or installations done to a system installed by Cullen Electric, by ANY entity outside of Cullen Electric, will null and void. Warranty and will also cancel applicable Insurance coverage by State Farm Fire and Casualty Company.

Permits and Inspections:

Permits may be required in certain situations and jurisdictions. If they are required and refused by Homeowner then Homeowner will assume all legal ramifications for said refusal. Cullen Electric will not perform Service in any State or Jurisdiction where Contractor is not properly Licensed or Bonded per Local Statute.

Incidental Damage:

Cullen Electric performs services in your home or business with the utmost care and concern for your property and safety. On very rare occasions there may be unforeseen circumstances that arise that result in incidental damage during the installation process. Intentional damage is normally stated in individual Contracts. Unforeseen or incidental damage may include a pipe buried behind drywall, or a sprinkler line underground that is “unseen”, that may get damaged in the course of drilling through beams, or digging, etc. . “Sight Unseen Incidental Damage” may occur on rare occasions and repair or replacement of such damage is not the responsibility of Cullen Electric. Every precaution is taken to insure that each installation is done safely, professionally and with the utmost care as possible.

Worker's Compensation:

Cullen Electric covers all of its Employees under the OHIO BWC Insurance Program our Policy # is 1690038 and a copy of our Certificate can be viewed on line at OhioBWC.com.
We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to serve your electrical needs. Not only is our commitment to you in writing but I personally warrant your satisfaction as the Owner of the Company. If any issues ever arise please feel free to contact me directly at any time and I will do my best to resolve any problems to your satisfaction. We are a proud Super Service Provider on Angie's List, and an Accredited BBB Business. We welcome you to our ever growing family of Clients!