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The bad news has been delivered and your home was built using an Aluminum (AL) branch circuit wiring system. This means your house was built in the 1960's or early 1970's when copper prices were sky high due to the war in Vietnam as well as other global factors. Is this a situation that should be addressed?

The CPSC determined years ago that AL branch circuit wiring in residential dwellings is an ongoing fire hazard. Pitting, creep, oxidation and differences in the coefficient of thermal expansion in dissimilar metals (tying AL and Copper conductors together utilizing unapproved methods) all lead to break downs in AL wiring systems. These breakdowns cause resistance on wiring termination points that lead to heat which leads ultimately to fires. AL wiring systems are failing at rates that have made most insurance companies run from these properties in the course of a home sale in this day and age.

Service work done by homeowners or unqualified individuals has exacerbated these problems and made a bad situation even worse. You're trying to sell your house. What can you do?

We have discontinued offering copalum services in this market at this time. The comparative benefits of a whole house rewire vs the benefits of copalum mitigation are diverse enough that it no longer makes sense for us to offer copalum services in lieu of rewiring an Aluminum residential wiring system. If you have an estimate for copalum services at this time and wish to utilize that service we will direct you to a Provider that continues to offer these services. We will be delighted to return to your site and offer a free estimate on mitigating your system through a copper wiring system update if interested.

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