Electrical Service Upgrades

If your home was built before 1970 there is a pretty good chance that your service may be undersized for modern day appliances and the other equipment typical to most homes in the 21st Century. Your panel may have been manufactured by Federal Pacific and keeping it in service may not be allowable either by your Insurance Company or by a potential buyer of your property. Though they are fewer in this age your home may still have fuse boxes as the distribution point for your electric. Sometimes adding load (like a hot tub or swimming pool), or additions to your home may cause your service to be undersized. Whatever the reason you may need an update we are more the capable of installing your service from 150 AMPS to 400 AMPS in a Residential Application.
There are typically three types of services available for your consideration. They consist typically of :


Underground Panel — House Rewire Lockland, OH
Underground Electric Wire — House Rewire Lockland, OH

Overhead Mast Style Services

Overhead Mast Style Panel — House Rewire Lockland, OH
Electric Panel — House Rewire Lockland, OH


Panel — House Rewire Lockland, OH
Roof Electric Panel — House Rewire Lockland, OH
No matter what style of services you need installed we can make it happen for you quickly, professionally, and efficiently.


Large Panel — House Rewire Lockland, OH
Wires and Fuse — House Rewire Lockland, OH
Panel Box — House Rewire Lockland, OH
We offer one brand of panel and one type only. The Eaton Cutler Hammer CH Series Panel is the only panel we install. They are manufactured in the USA and have Lifetime Warranties on both the bus bars and breakers. They are the top of the line panel out there and we have been proudly installing them for over 15 years. You can buy a less expensive panel but you can't beat the CH Series panel for reliability and longevity. Since 1999 we have yet to receive a call back on a CH Panel we have installed anywhere.

A typical service change can range in price from $1,200.00 – $12,000.00 depending on service size, distance to distribution equipment from the utility company, and many other factors. Call today for a free estimate and we will get you situated with the right type at the right price!